Dropshipping Manufacturers

Dropshipping Manufacturers

By partnering with US Hemp Wholesale, you will be joining one of the nation’s leading hemp product wholesale traders. One major benefit of partnering with US Hemp Wholesale is our dropshipping service. With drop shipping, you won’t have to worry about keeping products in stock because we will handle all the storage and shipping for you.

What are Dropshipping Manufacturers?

Dropshipping allows you to sell your products online or offline without having to keep the products in stock. As a dropshipping manufacturer, we ship the products directly to your customer from our warehouse. By utilizing this service, you can save money on warehouse storage and make inventory management easy.

How Dropshipping with US Hemp Wholesale Works

The process of dropshipping with US hemp wholesale is simple. First, you will sign a dropship agreement form with your company’s information. Then, we will send you our catalog so you can choose which products you’d like to incorporate into your business for dropshipping.

Once you have chosen which products to dropship, you will create a portal login where you will submit orders to us to be filled. When we receive an order from you, we will process and ship the product(s) to your customer from our warehouse. You can also use the portal to track products after they have been shipped. All products will be shipped with your business’s custom labels and packaging.

How to Order from a Dropshipping Manufacturer

Once you have set up your Portal login, you will be ready to start placing dropship orders. US Hemp Wholesale offers several ways to order. The most popular method is our semi-automated service, where you log in to your portal and submit your orders to us. From there, the orders will be processed and shipped as soon as possible. This method is easy and free!

Another option is our automated service. With the automated service, a WordPress website can be linked to our system so that orders are processed automatically. This option is quick and convenient but requires a small startup fee plus $100-$250 a month. The third option allows you to manually send your dropship orders via email. This costs $5 per order.

Please contact us with any questions you have about dropshipping and how to partner with US Hemp Wholesale.

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