Why You Should be Dropshipping CBD Products with US Hemp Wholesale

Are you ready to grow and diversify your existing platform or offerings? Are you looking to make your footprint in the CBD industry?

Join forces with US Hemp Wholesale, the nation’s leading dropshipping provider of CBD products since 2013, and gain access to a robust trading network to fulfill all your online CBD needs. At US Hemp Wholesale, we dropship CBD products for your online businesses.

Our dropshipping services eliminate all your warehouse costs and make inventory management a breeze. We save you the hassle and do it for you!

We offer multiple options to connect you to our advanced fulfillment system. We will ship directly to your customers and send you the tracking information to enhance your customers’ experience! We save you time!

Your Customers Will Love the Products

We work with companies of all sizes, from large corporations to local retail stores. Our large offering of products has proven to be successful in a wide array of industries. Our sustained success in the CBD industry comes from a sincere dedication to product quality and diversity. So, no matter how big or small your company is, we’re confident you and your customers will love our products. We’ve even come up with a few reasons why our products are so well loved:

  • Hemp-derived CBD & other minor cannabinoid products are enjoying a huge rise in popularity. Thanks to the incredible benefits of hemp oil, countless people have improved their lives. Now, the demand for quality hemp supplements keeps soaring skyward!
  • US Hemp Wholesale boasts the highest standards in the market. With third-party laboratory tests, certificates of analysis on demand, and in-house testing for quality, our products are top quality every time.
  • Our industrial hemp-derived CBD products come ready-to-go in a huge selection of sizes, strengths, and flavors that will please any customer. Some of the product types we offer include edibles, tinctures, skin care, concentrates, topicals and CBD for pets.
  • Our product development team is constantly at work ensuring that US Hemp Wholesale is crafting the most cutting-edge products in beautifully styled packaging that will catch your customers’ eye and keep them trying new products.
  • US Hemp Wholesale sources only the best ingredients from established and trusted partners in the CBD industry. Organic, sustainable, and ecofriendly is our mantra. We’ve selected ingredients that are not only good for your customers but also good for the earth.

How to Start Dropshipping with US Hemp Wholesale

After filling out our partner form, we’ll reach out to learn more about you and your business, confirm your contact information and answer any questions you may have about the dropship program.

*Please note: To qualify as a dropship partner you must have a return address based in the US, an Employer Identification Number (EIN), and an established URL for your site (some restrictions apply).

We will send you our dropship agreement and a catalog as well. The agreement must be signed before you are able to create your dropship account. There is a small sign-up fee that covers basic administrative costs and allows us to establish payment information so you are ready to start selling!

Once you are registered and payment information is established, you will be provided access to our online ordering portal. If your website is on WooCommerce, we offer a time-saving option to integrate your ordering process with our fulfillment platform. This service is highly sought after by those entrepreneurs who are looking to automate and eliminate manual order entry.

At this point you can begin incorporating our products into your existing trading channels. We want to set you up for success, and that is why we provide high-quality product images of all the products we offer to drop ship customers. We also allow you to use our product descriptions as a template for your own; please do not copy anything word-for-word. By not copying descriptions, it will help you distinguish your business from ours and help increase your Google rankings.

After your website is up and running, you can start sending orders in through our integration option or manually entering orders into our online ordering portal. If you would like help placing your first order or finalizing any details, our representatives are available to answer all your questions at 844-387-4367 during normal business hours (9am-5pm Eastern Time).

If you would like to have your orders placed by our representatives there is a small service fee per order. Just send us your orders and we can handle it! Our commitment to you is any order placed before 9am eastern time will ship the next business day.

Congratulations! You are now selling the most popular hemp products without warehouse costs, inventory management, or fulfillment hassles.

Frequently Asked Dropship Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions for our CBD product drop shipping program. If you do not see your question below, contact us today!

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a method of order fulfillment where a business takes an order and sells a product that they do not have on hand. Instead, the order is passed up the chain to the manufacturer of the product, who directly fulfills the order. In doing so, the manufacturing company outsources the marketing and sales aspect of their business while the seller outsources the production aspect to the manufacturer.

Why is dropshipping a good alternative to wholesale?

Dropshipping can be an excellent alternative to wholesale for people who want to get involved in retail operations for an industry, such as CBD, but who lack the real estate or capital needed for product storage or shipping. By outsourcing the production and shipping, one can operate a business in an entirely online fashion without having to invest tons of startup capital into the retail operation.

Is shipping included in the dropship price?

No, the cost of shipping is charged separately. How much you owe for shipping depends on the shipping speed you select at checkout. Please view our flat rates through USPS below.
First Class (4-6 days) – $8 USD
Priority (2-3 days) – $12 USD
Priority Express (2 Day Guarantee) – $30

Where can I find tracking information?

The tracking information for your order can be found in your order portal. To find this information, go to your order history, select the order you need to locate and press “track shipment” at the top of the page.

If you decide to integrate your website with our fulfillment system, the tracking information will be automatically communicated to your website.

What does “On Hold” mean in the Portal?

If you see this marked as your order’s status in the portal, it means that your order has yet to be charged. All orders placed in the portal will be charged by our finance department the following business day. For all your questions, our representatives are available at 844-387-4367 during normal business hours (9am-5pm).

Why do I need an EIN number or Reseller’s License?

You need one of these documents since, being a wholesaler, we do not charge you sales tax. To learn more about how to charge sales tax to your customers, please contact a CPA or lawyer in your area. A lawyer can also help you better understand your state regulations regarding CBD.

Can you help me build and design my website?

Currently, we do not offer such assistance. It is your responsibility to obtain a URL and design your website. However, we do have a few tools that will make it easier for you to integrate our products into your website.

Get Started Dropshipping with US Hemp Wholesale now

The path to dropshipping through US Hemp Wholesale is simple. Begin by filling out our no-obligation partner form or calling us at 1 (844) 3US-HEMP. Once you’ve submitted the partner form, our market specialists will get in touch to complete any details and answer all your questions.

Please note that you need to possess the appropriate license according to your respective state and federal laws. Click here to go to your state’s Hemp Regulations page. International clients must provide relevant local licensing and legal information according to the laws and regulations of their base of operations.

We look forward to hearing from you and answering some questions as you venture into the CBD market.