Make US Hemp Your CBD Supplier

CBD Supplier

If you run a hemp and CBD hemp oil product business, you may find it hard to procure high-quality hemp oil products at a fair price. Here at US Hemp Wholesale, we offer independent retailers to partner with us as a CBD supplier along with other business efficiencies. When you become a partner with US Hemp, we can help you provide your customers with the best products under our brand name, or as your very own private labeled product.

Quality Tested Products

Many wholesalers can’t offer business’ the genuine quality guarantee that US Hemp Wholesale can. We offer premium, properly sourced ingredients that your company can proudly stand behind. While our base ingredients are all tested before they arrive in our facility, we send them out for additional testing at a third party for a fully objective test. This double process testing gives our partners peace of mind when selling our products at their online shop or brick and mortar retail shop.

White Labeled Products

In order to increase your brand consistency, we offer our partners the option of branding a selection of our white label products with your own labeling. We will provide you with the label dimensions and you can design the label , or hire us to design it for you,and we’ll apply the labels before we send out your shipments through our wholesale or dropshipping service.

Drop Shipping

In addition to supplying high-quality CBD hemp oil, we offer drop shipping as an additional service offered to our partners. Our drop shipping service was designed to help our partners operate their business smoothly and efficiently by providing them with the option to use our warehouse for storage and have our team pack and ship your orders, providing you with tracking numbers.

Become a Partner

Want to learn more about what US Hemp Wholesale can do for your business? Contact our partnership team today to learn more about how we can help you grow a CBD hemp product business. Our sales team is a group of passionate about hemp and helping your business grow. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (844) 387-4367.

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