Drop Shipping CBD Oil for Your Business

Drop Shipping CBD Oil

Drop Shipping CBD Oil for Your Business

Drop shipping is the method of outsourcing the fulfillment and shipping process through another company. In this business model, the retailer does not own inventory of what is actually selling. Your business is essentially the “middleman” selling the goods through the website or whatever channel you choose.

The Drop Shipping Process

When you receive an order, you would then pass that order on to us; the drop shipping company. With the information provided, we pick, pack and then fulfill the order. Your profit is the difference of your revenue from what customers order on your website and the cost of the partnership with a drop shipping company like US Hemp Wholesale.

How Drop Shipping CBD Oil Can Benefit Your Business

Drop shipping is a straightforward process. A person visits the online store and he makes the purchase. The owner of the website gets the order automatically or manually and then he forwards such order to the drop shipping partner. Or, in our case, you would enter orders into our online Portal for quick and easy fulfillment. The drop shipper packages the order and ships to your customer on behalf of the seller. The best part about this type of business is the low start up cost and you can offer different products even if you did not purchase anything up front. Drop shipping may be a great tool in helping the user to diversify their inventory and to test products because the only thing needed is to list a new product to the online store.

Why Drop Ship with US Hemp Wholesale

When you use US Hemp Wholesale to drop ship your products, you can feel at ease knowing that your orders are being fulfilled and tracked properly. With this service, you are able to focus on other areas of your business and provide your customers with the best possible service. You will save money on warehousing, shipping, and handling. This allows your business to grow without the typical growing pains a small company might go through during its early years with growth.

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