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hemp wholesale products

US Hemp Wholesale is a premier distributor of high-quality hemp-derived CBD wholesale products. We specialize in high-volume sales channels and ship nationwide. All of our distributed products are laboratory tested by third parties to ensure purity, safety, and consistency.

Our hemp supplements are unique and effective. We feature a wide range of wholesale hemp products including some of the most popular-in demand on the market today. We strive to stay on the leading edge of this ever-changing business and we always keep our standards high when it comes to quality.

Thinking about becoming a wholesale partner with US Hemp Wholesale? Here is a better look at what we offer.

Wholesale CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates oils are oils that are CO2 extracted from the industrial hemp plant. No other ingredients are added. Concentrated hemp oils are edible oils that offer active phytocannabinoids and other phytonutrients that are naturally produced by the hemp plant.

We offer three types of concentrated hemp oils: blue, gold, and raw. The raw version does not go through any other process besides extraction. The blue version is decarboxylated, meaning that the oil is heated to extract CO2. The gold version is filtered, removing any extra plant parts. The gold version has a higher CBD concentration but may contain fewer phytonutrients.

Wholesale CBD Tinctures

cbd tincture

Sublingual tincture oils are an edible oil made from a proprietary CBD blend. These hemp oil supplements are phytonutrient-rich and made from European industrial hemp plants. Tincture oils are taken sublingually, meaning that they are held under the tongue for 1-2 minutes and then swallowed.

Wholesale CBD Skin Care

cbd skincare

We offer a wide range of skincare products that use the healing properties of hemp. These products use a blend of plant extracts and essential oils that are proven to heal and protect skin. Each product is crafted with care and is specially formulated to promote healthy and beautiful skin.

The hemp skin care line includes body moisturizer, face serum, hand cream, muscle and joint salve, tattoo balm, diaper rash cream, toner, and cleanser.

CBD for Pets Supplements

cbd for pets

Hemp products are great for pets, too! Our hemp oil supplements for pets are available in the form of a tincture. These tinctures are non-psychoactive and are formulated with a pet’s diet in mind. Hemp pet supplements promote the well-being of pets and are formulated to help with the every day stress of pet life.

Wholesale CBD Edible Infusions

cbd gummies

Our edibles are made with cannabinoids of varying strengths. Currently, we have Tasty Chews and Tasty Cocoas. Our Tasty Chews are made with a 5 mg cannabinoid blend and 100 mg of caffeine. Our Tasty Cocoas are made with raw hemp oil and have a 10 mg cannabinoid blend.

Wholesale CBD Vape Oil

alternate cbd vape wholesale

Our vape oils are made with a blend of CBD and terpenes. They are nicotine-free, contain virtually no THC, and have no artificial flavors. Our vape oils are flavored entirely by plant terpenes and are a natural and effective way to get a daily amount of CBD.

US Hemp Wholesale Products

US Hemp Wholesale offers a wide variety of hemp wholesale products. Each has been carefully chosen for its quality and effectiveness.

Have any additional questions? Apply now or let’s start a conversation: (844) 387-4367.

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