Why Work with US Hemp: 3rd Party Lab Testing

Why Work with US Hemp: 3rd Party Lab Testing

If you are interested in starting a hemp reselling business but are not sure where to start, US Hemp Wholesale is ready to help. When you work with an industrial hemp product manufacturer, you will obtain access to quality products as well as capabilities that could be hard for a small business to achieve on their own. When you partner with us, we can offer the best value for wholesale hemp products. In addition to the goods, US Hemp Wholesale can offer your small business the effectiveness and reach of a large business.

The Benefits of Affiliating with US Hemp Wholesale:

  • Products tested in our own lab as well as a 3rd party lab testing for guaranteed potency
  • Warehouse storage and shipping efficiencies
  • Option to brand your own product line with your own labels

3rd Party Lab Testing

US Hemp offers partners assistance in the testing for the potency of the products. Having products tested in the 3rd party lab is not an easy or inexpensive operation to coordinate. So, if you are a small business looking for business efficiencies, let us do the processing work for you. By outsourcing your storage and order processing to us, you spend more time building your brand and providing top of the line service to your customers.  3rd party testing is the best way to guarantee the best possible product to your customer because it makes it possible for you to feel good about claiming a certain level of quality about your hemp products.

Want to Learn More?

If you want to learn more about the possibilities of 3rd party lab testing for your business, we can provide you with more information on how to become a partner. There are many benefits to becoming a partner and you can learn more by getting in touch with one of our passionate sales associates. If these partner perks sound good to you, call us today to start the partnership process.

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