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White Label CBD with US Hemp Wholesale

If you are starting your own CBD oil reselling business, either online or in a brick and mortar store, and want to create your own brand, we have just the service for you. At US Hemp Wholesale, we offer white label CBD products to help you develop your own brand of hemp-derived cannabidiol products. The CBD product types we offer for our white label program are tinctures, topicals, skincare, pet products for cats, dogs horses, and more, gummies, and soft gel capsules. 

How Does CBD White Labeling Work?

Our knowledgeable sales associates will work with you to help determine the best white label CBD product for you and your business. The right product or products typically depend on what type of business you have or are going to start. If you already have a business, product type may be driven based on your existing customers and what they are most likely to buy. If you are starting a new business, we encourage you to think through in detail who you would like your customers to be. The answers to these questions will help steer the conversation about which product type to choose. 

From there, we will help you to figure out your label design. We provide you with a template to work off of while you create your custom label and branding, outfitted with your very own logo. We can do this label in-house for $150, or you can have your label designed, ordered, and shipped to us through a third party company.  

Our helpful reps will also help you figure out how many units to order, when delivery can be expected, and help set up future orders as well.

White Label with US Hemp Wholesale vs Doing on Your Own

While formulating, manufacturing, branding, and selling your own CBD products may seem like the best option for many business owners, the cost associated with all of this can be unattainable for most. Here are a few reasons US Hemp can make your own white label CBD product easier for you:

  • We source the industrial hemp supply and purchase in large enough quantities. Making your barrier to entry much lower from a sourcing perspective.
  • We package and assemble the products for you.
  • We professionally formulate the products in our lab.
  • We perform our own testing in addition to 3rd party lab testing of all products.

Interested in Branding Your Own CBD Products?

When you are ready to get started offering your own brand of CBD hemp products, simply fill out our partner form. From there, one of our knowledgeable representatives will guide you through the process of choosing, branding, and packaging your own products. US Hemp Wholesale strives to provide our partners with the very best white label products and the tools to build their own successful brand and business.

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