Concentrated Hemp Oil

Concentrated hemp oil

Concentrated Hemp Oil 

Concentrated hemp oil is typically used by the seasoned CBD user. This is often because of the strong taste and texture of the concentrates. These characteristics can make them hard to sell to less experienced users but on the contrary, they are very easy to use and incorporate into a routine. By offering hemp oil concentrates, you can offer your customers the gold standard of potency in CBD hemp oil products.

Capitalize on Potency

When marketing hemp oil concentrates, it’s important to capitalize on the potency of the product in order to catch the attention of customers. This product provides a more powerful dose in a smaller amount for users that want a small but extremely efficient way to get their desired number of milligrams. These products are made from properly sourced industrial hemp plants from Europe. You can purchase these concentrates in 1ml, 3ml or 10ml syringes to be administered orally.

No Additives

For the conscious shopper, providing options for pure supplements is a great option when looking to avoid additives. The pure form of hemp concentrate contains no additives and can also be purchased in multiple concentrations and sizes. Health conscious or convenience seeking consumers are attracted to the pure formula without flavoring for taste or having it added to another product for novelty or topical use.

Different Types

For the concentrated versions, there are three different types: raw version, blue version, and gold version. The raw version of CBD Hemp Oil concentrate is the direct extract of an industrial hemp plant that is not processed at all after extraction. The Blue version is the type of hemp extract that goes through one more process after extraction to remove the carbon dioxide. This process activates the helpful acids in the extract. For the Gold version, the process is more involved. The Gold version is extracted, the carbon dioxide is removed and then to purify the extract, the extract is filtered.

Why US Hemp Wholesale?

If you are ready to start your own hemp reselling business, partnering with US Hemp Wholesale is a great way to offer a wide variety of products to offer your customers while getting some help on the back end. When you partner with US Hemp Wholesale, you can guarantee that you are getting the best quality products to stock your business. It can be difficult to know how to help attract users to trying new products but the more you know about the product and its key benefits the better you can then market the product to you customers.

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