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CBD Oil Prices

CBD Oil Prices If you are new to the world of hemp, you may be wondering what the wholesale pricing is like and what it will cost you. US Hemp offers the highest quality products…
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Why Buy Bulk CBD Oil with Us

Why Buy Bulk CBD Oil with Us If you’re in the business of looking for a hemp wholesaler and are in the process of comparing providers, allow us to show you the difference between us…
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Edibles: Why You Should Carry Them

US Hemp Wholesale Edibles & Why you Should Carry Them When people think of CBD hemp oil supplements, many think of oil extracts, pills, or tincture. However, if you find it hard to incorporate traditional…
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Hemp Oil vs. CBD Hemp Oil

Both hemp oil and CBD hemp oil can be beneficial when added into your diet. However, they are not the same nor do they have the exact same benefits. Many people regularly enjoy both and…
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What Are the Effects of CBD Oil?

CBD oil effects CBD Oil and It’s Many Uses As the use of CBD hemp oil becomes broader, consumers have reported a wide variety of uses, benefits, and ways they use it to find relief.…
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CBD Business Opportunities

CBD Business Opportunities – Why Partner with Us Are you looking for a partner in the wholesale CBD business? Look no further. When you partner with US Hemp Wholesale for your CBD needs, you are…
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Huge Growth Expected for Hemp Industry

The legal hemp oil market has taken off over the past few years, thanks to improvements in education and products. Not only do hemp products not cause a “high” in users, but they contain compounds…
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cbd facts

7 CBD Facts for Everyone

1.) What is CBD, Literally? CBD, THC and all the other acronyms in-between are cannabinoids; chemical compounds from the cannabis plant. There are 80+ of these compounds, but CBD and THC are by far the…
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CBD Hemp Oil for Your Skin

If you have never tried a hemp oil massage, now is your chance. While a few states in the US have created laws in favor of medical marijuana, there are products made from imported hemp…
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