Edibles & Why you Should Carry Them


US Hemp Wholesale Edibles & Why you Should Carry Them

When people think of CBD hemp oil supplements, many think of oil extracts, pills, or tincture. However, if you find it hard to incorporate traditional style supplements into your diet then edibles might be the method you have been looking for. The edibles line is mainly comprised of Tasty Chews and Tasty Cocoas. This type of edible comes in a variety of flavors so your customers are sure to find one that suits their taste.

What are my options?

Tasty Chews

Tasty Chews contain 5mg of our cannabinoid blend as well as 100mg of caffeine; this is about the same as a cup of coffee to give you a boost. Since some people find CBD hemp oil relaxing, which can be very helpful when trying to get better sleep, some people want to get all the benefits from hemp oil but feel energized. That’s why we have added caffeine to the chews, making them a great morning solution. You can choose from cinnamon Fire, Citrus Mango, Icy Mint, and Sour Apple chews.

Tasty Cocoa

Tasty Cocoas are dark chocolate infused with raw hemp oil that delivers a 10mg serving of cannabinoids. The great thing about Tasty Cocoas is how easy it is to add them into your routine and stick to it because of how delicious they are. These small-batch chocolates are crafted with the highest quality in mind right in our GMP Michigan lab. You can buy these chews in a dark chocolate, dark chocolate mint, and raspberry milk chocolate.

Benefits of Hemp Oil Edibles

Other than the nutritional benefits of these edibles, there are several other benefits that make them a great addition to any hemp oil supplement product, offering:

  • Easy to remember – For those that enjoy chocolate, this may become part of their daily routine that they look forward to.
  • Discreet – If you forget to take your supplement at home you can just as easily take it on the go since it’s in the form of a chocolate.
  • Great tasting – Not everyone likes the grassy and earthy flavor of straight CBD oil concentrate. Hemp oil edibles mask the taste in delicious small-batch chocolate.

Our Products

If you are looking to add variety to your product offering, adding edibles is the perfect solution to capturing customers that have trouble adhering to a supplement routine. US Hemp wholesale is the leader in offering a wide variety of CBD Hemp products to suit any lifestyle at an unmatched quality. Partnering with US Hemp Wholesale is the best way to offer the highest quality products to your valued customers.


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