How CBD Products are Breathing Life into Old Retail Models

Retail has seen significant shifts in the past few decades. Old retail models have been falling by the wayside in favor of more agile online operations. This trend was further accelerated by the COVID-19 quarantine, which required people to minimize trips outside, forcing them to rely on online retail for a majority of their purchases.

As retail shifts away from brick-and-mortar and towards the digital space, some have sought to revitalize these older retail models with CBD offerings. In this article we’ll look at some retail models that are incorporating CBD and find out why this strategy is proving effective.

Five Retail Models that are Being Rejuvenated by CBD Products

While many different stores and locations could benefit from adding CBD, some retailers are more likely to find CBD an effective solution to low foot traffic. Here are five types of stores that are being rejuvenated by the addition of CBD products:

Record Stores

Some record stores have taken to selling CBD to enhance the in-store experience. Some have even allowed customers to use the CBD products in the store to promote a more casual experience. One of the most innovative ways this has been deployed is through album pairings. This involves having employees choose specific CBD products that they feel pair well with a certain record.

Small Cinemas

Some independent cinemas have experimented with adding CBD products to a retail area in the lobby. Because films require audiences to sit down and watch a movie over the course of multiple hours, it’s a perfect environment to enjoy CBD. Most of the cinemas selling CBD have stuck to edibles, as they can be eaten unobtrusively during the film or eaten beforehand to improve the film-watching experience.


You’ve probably heard of “barcades” popping up all across cities like Los Angeles. Adding CBD to an arcade is a fun twist on this popular phenomenon that doesn’t require a costly liquor license or the risk that comes with serving alcohol.

Roller Rinks

Roller skating rinks have come back into the popular conscience lately as ’80s nostalgia continues to be a driving force in popular culture. Some rinks have modernized their offerings by adding CBD to a retail space in the lobby. Because CBD is non-intoxicating, it’s a far safer option than serving alcohol to people who are about to engage in physical activity. It is worth keeping in mind that most states have an age restriction of 21 years old on CBD products, so be careful as roller rinks attract both adults and children.


Who doesn’t love curling up with a good book? Some forward-thinking bookstores have chosen to add CBD products to their shelves in hopes of attracting new customers. A few have even allowed people to enjoy these products in store. They hope the highly touted relaxation benefits of CBD will encourage customers to stay, browse and get lost in a great book.

Why Do CBD Products Increase Foot Traffic to These Businesses?

Each of the aforementioned businesses are fairly niche spaces, which limits their ability to gain new customers quickly. CBD products often enhance the service or products offered at these locations, and provide an avenue for a new type of consumer to come check out the business.

Additionally, by doing something different, these companies create a talking point around their business. This word of mouth can attract people who are interested in either CBD or the primary product that the location offers.

Revitalize Your Retail Operation with CBD Products

If you’re looking for a way to rejuvenate your brick-and-mortar location, CBD products could be exactly what you need. Fill out a partnership form with US Hemp Wholesale today and find out how our lab-tested, high-quality products can inject your business with new life!

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