U.S. Hemp Wholesale Services

U.S. Hemp Wholesale Services

If you are interested in starting your own hemp resale business, you probably are aware of the types of products that customers demand. Finding a good wholesaler to work with can be difficult and even more difficult to find one that provides close to the number of services that U.S. Hemp Wholesale provides to its partners. Keep reading to learn more about all the services that U.S. hemp wholesale can offer you and your business.

As a US hemp wholesale partner, we will offer your business high-quality goods as well as support with order processing, shipping, and other business efficiencies.

Create Your Own Product Line

If you want to offer a line of products that align with your branding, we can help you to create your own line without your company manufacturing it yourself with our private labeling service. We will take care of obtaining the materials and then we’ll give you the creative freedom to add your branding to it, making it unique to your business.

Third Party Lab Testing

When you sell products sourced by U.S. Hemp Wholesale, you can guarantee that all goods are of the highest class and potency. To guarantee this to our partners, we have our products tested by multiple third-party labs as well as our own FDA regulated labs.

Product Selection

As the leading CBD hemp product wholesaler, we offer the most comprehensive range of products sure to meet your business requirements and goals.

Drop Ship Services

To make things even easier, you can even have your orders fulfilled by US Hemp Wholesale. We will store, pack, and ship your customer’s orders. This saves your business the cost of having your own warehouse complete with warehouse employees and utilities. To keep you informed, we send you a tracking number with each order to help you better serve your customers.

Want to Learn More?

Improving your business can be easy when you partner with U.S. Hemp Wholesale for product and other efficiencies. Contact one of our passionate sales representatives today to start the application process.

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