US Hemp Wholesale’s Official Response to Jeff Sessions’ Memo

We have had several inquiries regarding the Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to rescind the Cole Memo, which guards U.S. states that have decriminalized marijuana from federal prosecution. 

Under federal law, the production and sale of marijuana is prohibited. During the Obama administration, federal prosecutors were advised to make marijuana-related prosecutions a low priority. Sessions’ memo overturns this advisory. 

What Does This Mean for Hemp Oil Manufacturers and Resellers? 

As a hemp oil wholesaler and a partner to many resellers, we are writing to clear the concern regarding this decision. 

US Hemp Wholesale does not operate under the state medical and recreational marijuana laws which Sessions’ memo specifically targets. Therefore, we are not currently affected by Sessions’ memo. We operate under the 2014 Farm Bill, which establishes that industrial hemp with less than 0.3% THC is legal in the United States. As long as we properly source our hemp oil, we are protected under this law. 

If this is to change, we will be prompt in our response. 

Although this may seem like a setback to the marijuana industry, we are hopeful that Congress will now act on this decision and pass legislation that would give states the authority to write their own marijuana regulations. Since this decision now seems to be in the hands of Congress, it is of the utmost importance to contact your representative and let your voice be heard. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us at (844) 387-4367. 


***Update January 4th, 2018***

Hemp Industries Association Issues Statement in Response to Attorney General Jeff Session’s Rescission of Cole Memo



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