Bold or Subdued: How to Hit the Right Tone with Your CBD Packaging

Anyone who has worked in retail for a significant amount of time knows that packaging plays a major role in how successfully a product sells. This is especially true when it comes to CBD packaging, where the choices you make could capture the attention of a curious customer or reinforce the misgivings of a wary consumer. Suffice it to say that this young industry is quickly learning the importance of properly branded packaging.

But hitting the right tone has less to do with how eye catching your design is and more to do with your target audience. If you want your CBD packaging to appeal to an older market, you wouldn’t use branding techniques that primarily work with a younger audience and vice versa. In this article, we’ll show you how to hit the right tone for a variety of customer bases via your packaging and labeling designs.

Packaging for Younger Customers

Generally, younger customers are drawn to branding that is bold and idiosyncratic. This is no new phenomenon. Looking through history, there is plenty of evidence that bolder, more contemporary styles are appreciated by younger audiences.

For an example of what is popular now, take a look at Adobe’s color of the year for 2021. The interplay between a subdued color (gray) and a more electric color (yellow) enhances the impact of the brighter color while drawing the eye in to observe the details in the less explosive color.

If you want to appeal to a younger audience with your CBD packaging, don’t be afraid to go big and go bold! You can even lean harder into touting the presence of CBD in the product as people aged 18-29 have a higher rate of CBD usage than all other age groups.

Packaging for Older Customers

When dealing with older audiences, it’s important to remember that many people in this age group have products that they already rely on and purchase frequently. This makes it more difficult to introduce a new product into their lives, and even more difficult to introduce a new product category such as CBD. However, this adoption barrier can be overcome with the right branding tone.

We recommend focusing your efforts on products that already have non-CBD equivalents, such as skincare products and edibles. Keep your branding simple, recognizable, and informative for this age group. It’s especially important to use the product description to talk about how CBD can help enhance the effects of products that they are already familiar with, rather than treating it like an all-new product.

Packaging for Working Professionals

By and large, the biggest issue working professionals deal with is a lack of available time. When these people go to a grocery store, pharmacy, or other retail location, they tend to do so with intent. This can make it difficult to tap into their desire to make an impulse purchase as they fly down the aisles looking for the items on their list.

To capture the attention of this group, focus on creating a label that is bold, easy to read, and informative. The goal is to capture their attention with the bold, legible design, and then to provide all the information they need to make a quick decision about the product.

Hit the Right Tone with Your CBD Packaging Today!

Now that you know what certain audiences are looking for in their CBD packaging, you’re ready to start packaging up products! If you have a specific audience in mind, US Hemp Wholesale happily offers private label services that give you a unique brand identity. And those who want to take a more hands off approach can still purchase our hemp-derived CBD products in their standard packaging, which has been designed by industry experts! Don’t delay, fill out our vendor form today to see how we can help you hit the right tone with your CBD packaging.

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