Help Your Patients with the Latest Wholesale CBD Products

Working in the world of health and fitness, you’ve no doubt had countless clients who were searching for relief. Whether they wished for pain relief, or relief from anxiety, the latest wholesale CBD products could provide the relief that they crave.

If you’ve been searching for a new way to help your patients reclaim their lives and health, then wholesale CBD may be the answer. In this article, we’ll be going over the following topics:

Each of these topics will help you determine what products to stock, when to recommend those products, and how to obtain the products you need.

Wholesale CBD Products and Their Intended Effects

Those of you who have already spent time researching CBD products know that there are countless options to choose from. If you’re new to the world of CBD, and don’t know a tincture from a concentrate, this guide will help you better what CBD products are available and what effects they have.

CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates are a group of products made from concentrated hemp oil. This substance offers the highest number of phytonutrients of any hemp oil product and is naturally edible. Typically, CBD oil concentrates come in a syringe-like packaging which allows customers and patients to add the oil to food, or to administer orally. These ultra-pure concentrates have powerful effects that are best for patients who need powerful, fast-acting relief.

CBD Edibles

Wholesale CBD edibles come in a variety of flavors and strength levels. Because of this wide range of flavors and potencies, there are a number of uses for edible. In general, edibles are great for those who need relief to last a long time, and don’t care too much about how quickly it takes for a dose to activate. Edibles are also an excellent entry point for both retailers and customers. Eating a CBD edible is functionally identical to eating a delicious chocolate or a delectable gummy, making the ingestion process both easy and pleasurable.

CBD Skin Care

CBD skin care products take the benefits of CBD and apply them to already proven skincare products. This product type encompasses everything from lotions to massage oils. Much like CBD edibles, these are an excellent entry point for those who are unsure about diving into the deep end of CBD products. If your patients and clients often struggle with skin issues or pain that could be treated through a topical application, CBD skin care products could be exactly what they need.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures work similarly to CBD edibles but can be added to a wide range of foods and drinks. With flavors like mojito lime and French vanilla, these tinctures could be added to coffee or made into a delicious mocktail. These oils allow customers to access the benefits of full-spectrum cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytonutrients. Like edibles, these are perfect for people who need long lasting relief, and want to receive that relief through a pleasurable method of ingestion.

When Would CBD be Most Useful for my Patients?

The lifestyle and particular ailments that afflict your patients will determine which CBD products are most effective for them. To help guide you towards the proper products for your patients, we’ve created the following guides.

  • Physical Therapists What CBD Products are Best for Your Patients
  • Chiropractors What CBD Products are Best for Your Patients
  • Personal Trainers What CBD Products are Best for Your Clients
  • Acupuncturists What CBD Products are Best for Your Patients

If you need a quick primer, here are some basics for how each product works when consumed or applied.

  • CBD Edibles – Edibles take time to activate. Its effects are distributed throughout the body, making it best for mild pains and minor anxiety.
  • CBD Skincare and Topicals – These products work very quickly and are applied to the body rather than ingested. Most often, these products are combined with other active ingredients such as those found in a cooling muscle rub in order to enhance the effects of a proven method rather than rely entirely on CBD. These products are best used for people with muscle pains that stem from a very specific area.

How to Get the Latest Wholesale CBD Products?

Getting the latest wholesale CBD products is easy when you work with US Hemp Wholesale. Simply fill out our distribution partner form to see how we can help you add CBD to your health and wellness practice. Don’t let your patients deal with these difficulties alone, get the products that can help them today!

Help Your Patients with the Latest Wholesale CBD Products Today!

Now that you know the basics about CBD, you’re ready to start selecting the products that your patients need. After filling out our distribution partner form you can explore our site, read up on the latest CBD information on our blog, or contact us to get an answer to any questions you may have about CBD.

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