Tell Me More: Your Guide to CBD Skincare

Everyone wants to have healthy, radiant skin. But most people don’t know that there are CBD products that can help facilitate great skin through natural means. These products use the natural effects of CBD to enhance the existing effects of proven skincare treatments, making the products you already love even better!

In this article you’ll learn about CBD skin care, why it exists, its effects, the target audience for these products, and how to add it to your product offerings. In this guide:

What is CBD Skin Care?

CBD skin care encompasses a variety of products intended to improve the health and appearance of one’s skin. A majority of these products focus on the delicate skin on a person’s face, though there are many CBD lotions and oils that can be used to care for skin on other parts of the body.

Because each person’s skin reacts differently to different compounds, there are many products that fall into the CBD skin care category. Some of the most common products in this category include massage oils, lotions, face wash, acne ointments, and face serums.

It’s important to pay attention to the ingredients in whatever CBD skin care product you purchase. No two people’s faces are exactly alike, and the way your skin reacts to skincare may not be in line with how other people’s skin reacts. To receive the best possible skincare, consult with an aesthetician to see which products are most likely to work for your skin type.

Why is CBD Sold in This Form?

CBD, and more specifically hemp oil, have a number of natural properties that make them appealing to skincare professionals. Both of these oils are notable for their low comedogenic factor (low likelihood to clog pores and create acne), which is always a positive in skin care. But the most important element of CBD when it comes to skincare is its effect on inflammation.

Many skin care products focus on using vitamins and minerals to cleanse the skin, but very few offer any sort of anti-inflammatory properties. This is because inflammation is usually caused by an immune system response. As you might expect, few things directly reduce inflammation topically and even fewer are gentle enough to be used on the face.

Inflammation presents a big problem for your skin health. Too much of it can even cause broken blood vessels and severe pain in a localized area. By reducing inflammation, you can effectively reduce chronic dryness and redness. Inflammation is also the culprit of many skin ailments like rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. Even chronic acne can be improved by CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects.

CBD sold in the form of skincare products can better activate these effects in localized areas that need help. For example, if someone suffering from chronic acne tried a CBD edible, the chances that it would help would be much lower than if they had used a CBD skincare product.

What are the Effects of CBD Skincare Products?

In addition to their anti-inflammatory properties, CBD skincare products boast a variety of effects that can benefit your face. One of the most notable is CBD’s ability to help regenerate skin cells. Some researchers have discovered evidence that CBD has a similar effect to Vitamin C. Both provide cells with a signal that is closely related to regeneration. In doing so, it encourages faster skin turnover and provides you with a youthful glow.

Many CBD skincare products also use proven methods to improve the skin. The best products are tweaked formulas of existing products that now incorporate CBD into their ingredients. The aestheticians and scientists that develop these products know what adjustments need to be made for CBD to work best, so make sure you use a product that is recommended or endorsed by a professional.

CBD also works incredibly well as a moisturizer. Because it does not readily clog pores, it can moisturize the face in a way that doesn’t cause acne. It’s the perfect solution for people with naturally oilier skin who have a difficult time finding an effective moisturizer.

Who Buys CBD Skincare Products?

Skincare products appeal to people of all ages, but the main consumer of CBD skincare products are women over the age of 25. For centuries the beauty industry has focused on selling products to women, young and old, with the promise of younger, healthier-looking skin. This advertising has steered many people towards the industry, especially towards its emerging products.

Of the emerging products, none have shone quite as brightly as CBD. The numerous attractive qualities of CBD products have not only tapped into the preexisting audience of the beauty industry, but have pulled in people of all ages and genders.

The beauty industry has intertwined itself with the self-care industry, where CBD products also align well. This industry has a broad appeal and has drawn a significant number of men into the target demographic for CBD skincare products.

If you choose to add CBD products to your lineup, we recommend choosing a few products that are targeted towards different groups. CBD skin care is one of the least intimidating types of CBD products. Because it is applied topically and not ingested, there is no influence on the brain. When people want to try out CBD for the first time, they often go for CBD skin care for this reason. Make sure that you have a variety of products on your shelves to ensure that no CBD first-timer feels left out.

Add CBD Skin Care to Your List of Product Offerings

CBD skincare products have boomed in the past few years and are poised to grow even more popular in the coming years. As more and more people choose new ways to care for the health of their skin, the demand for these products will only increase. When this happens, make sure that the products these new customers crave are already on your shelves.

If you’d like to add these products to your lineup, US Hemp Wholesale has exactly what you need. Each of our skincare products has been thoroughly tested and adheres to the strictest federal regulations surrounding hemp-derived CBD. To add these incredible products to your store, fill out a vendor form today and see how a partnership with US Hemp Wholesale can help you!

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