Tell Me More: Your Guide to CBD for Pets

Everyone loves their pets, but we all know that they can get stressed out living in the modern world. In the hopes of finding a way to relieve this stress, pet owners have tried just about everything. Today, many find themselves turning towards CBD.

In this guide we’ll explain what CBD for pets is, why this product category has become so popular, the effects of these products, and who is most likely to purchase them:

What is CBD for Pets?

CBD for pets refers to a wide grouping of products intended to be given to pets to reduce their anxiety and improve their lives. Most of the products in this category are intended for use on dogs or cats, though other CBD products exist for different animal species.

The primary reason these products were created is that scientists discovered that both dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system, just like humans. This system is responsible for a variety of functions relating to homeostasis, and can be influenced by cannabinoids like CBD.

From a functional standpoint, these products can be extremely similar to CBD edibles. The two primary differences between regular CBD edibles and CBD for pets are the amount of CBD contained in the product, and the use of ingredients that are guaranteed to be non-toxic to animals.

Why is CBD Sold for Pets?

Because pets usually have all of their basic needs taken care of, it may seem odd to think of our pets as “stressed.” Odd as it may be, many dogs and cats suffer from anxiety. Our pets are smart, complex animals, but even with intelligence, they lack many of the faculties that humans use to calm themselves in stressful situations.

Take for instance the Fourth of July. Many dogs actually run away from their homes because of the loud barrage of fireworks happening near their territory. We understand that these fireworks are not a threat but a celebration that will end soon. But a dog or a cat has no concept of holidays, so in their minds, these loud noises are completely inexplicable.

Sadly, we can’t sit our dogs down and explain holidays and fireworks. But we can give them something to help with stress — CBD.

What are the Effects of CBD for Pets?

CBD has been shown to have a number of effects for common household pets. The main effect that people have observed is an increased level of relaxation and a reduction in common anxieties.

For example, if you have a dog that is extremely skittish and often barks at nothing, then CBD can reduce those tendencies. While it won’t necessarily remove all of the anxiety from your pet, it regularly reduces the amount of stress that the animal feels.

Outside of anxiety relief, CBD oil has a range of other positive effects for pets. This is especially true of full-spectrum CBD products. These edible goods use the entirety of the hemp plant and have plenty of vitamins and key minerals that facilitate positive health effects in dogs and cats.

Even vets agree that CBD has positive effects on pets. While the American Veterinary Medical Association hasn’t provided an official endorsement of CBD, many private vets have acknowledged its benefits.

Of course, many pet owners are concerned about exposing their animals to intoxicating effects. Much like products for human consumption, all CBD pet products contain less than 0.3% THC. Even in small animals, this percentage is low enough that it would not produce any psychoactive effects.

Because animals are smaller, you may notice that your pet becomes more lethargic after consuming CBD products. This is completely normal, and is simply the way that animals physically express themselves when relaxed.

Who Buys CBD for Pets?

CBD for pets is primarily bought by owners whose pets struggle with high anxiety. Some pet owners may also purchase CBD for their pet who needs additional nutrients. The market for these products includes a wide group of people, though a significant portion of them are young professionals who have the disposable income to pamper their pets.

Another major portion of this group is made up of retirement age individuals. Many retirees find themselves with a new pet or two to help fill their new abundance of free time. When these new pets are introduced to their home, it can be a very stressful situation for the animal. In these situations, many pet owners have turned to CBD as a potential solution.

How Do You Give CBD to Pets?

Giving CBD to your pets is surprisingly easy. Many products are just like the tasty treats that you would feed your dog or cat right before bedtime, just with a little bit of CBD oil added. These treats are a great choice for picky eaters who are averse to the natural flavor of CBD oil.

Less picky pets can have a small amount of CBD oil added to their food. This pourable oil quickly mixes into food, coating the pellets or integrating with the wet food that you feed your pets.

Add CBD for Pets to Your List of Product Offerings

CBD for pets has quickly become one of the fastest growing CBD product categories, and with good reason. Following the COVID-19 quarantine, many people have been spending more time at home with their pets. A significant number of people also got their first pet during quarantine. This rise in at-home time and the correlated rise in pet ownership have increased people’s awareness of their pets’ mental state.

These products are likely to keep expanding in popularity. Add CBD for pets to your list of product offerings today by contacting US Hemp Wholesale. We have years of experience providing pet owners with legal, safe CBD for their pets. Find out how we can put these products on your shelves by filling out our vendor form today!

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