Five Steps to Writing Better Descriptions for Hemp Products

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Product content serves as the main form of communication between an online retailer and a potential customer. In the online space, this content replaces the face-to-face conversation. More than just tell the patron what the product is, product content influences purchasing behavior. 

In the CBD industry, product content plays an important role in education. Customers want to feel confident in the wellness supplement they are purchasing. With the market expanding at a rapid pace, it is as important as ever to have your content stand out from the rest. 

Here are five simple steps to composing better product content for your CBD online store. 


#1 – Compose Original Content

When writing a product description for an item you do not manufacture, it is tempting to pull content from another website and pose it as your own. This is especially true if the content comes from a reputable source, such as the manufacturer. A well-written, information-laden product description will entice readers to buy. Does it matter where the content comes from?

It does if you want your products to be seen.

More than an issue of plagiarism, copying content can have an impact on your visibility on Google.

Google recognizes duplicate content and notes the original source of the information.

The duplicate source may not rank favorably, meaning it is likely your website will not show up on the first pages of Google when customers search for the product you are selling.

This can greatly impact the success of a new website, as many online shoppers do not shop past the first few pages of Google. 



Since the CBD industry is dependent upon organic ranking, it is imperative to rank well on Google. Therefore, we suggest writing your own content, even if the manufacturer/retailer has no objection to you using their content. 

This is not to say that you can’t find inspiration from others. A manufacturer or large retailer is likely to provide the information that customers are looking for. Referencing other’s content after you’ve written your own will confirm that necessary content is provided on your website. 

Now that we recognize the need for writing our own content, let’s discuss the best practices for creating product content in the CBD industry. 


#2 – Determine Your Audience and Tone 

Before writing your product content, it is beneficial to determine your audience. This will have the greatest influence on the content you include. How does your audience make decisions? What are possible concerns your audience may have? Writing for your target audience will make your descriptions more informative and persuasive. 

Your audience will also determine your tone.

What tone of voice will engage your audience? Consider how you would speak to your audience in real life and emulate that in your descriptions.  

A unique tone of voice can separate your product descriptions from your competitor’s. Determine your tone and be consistent across all product content. 


#3 – Highlight the Benefits 

Product content should do more than tell, it should entice. Specifications are important, but what a customer really wants to know is what the product can do for them. Product descriptions should focus on the customer more so than the product. 

To do so, translate the facts about your product into benefits. For example, you can market a tincture with 30 servings as “a month’s worth supply”. It may be helpful to make a list of the features and reword each into a benefit. 


#4 – Avoid Making Claims 

Currently, CBD is not approved by the FDA. For this reason, retailers cannot make medical claims about their product.

Do not mention specific health conditions by name and avoid medical terminology. 

Without being able to make claims, how do you entice the reader to buy? In addition to persuasive descriptions, reviews are a great selling point. Highlighting other’s experience with the product gives your website authority. 


#5 – Consider Adding Keywords 

A keyword is a word or collection of words that define what your content is about. They are also the word/phrase that a customer enters during an online search. When keywords are used correctly, your product page will appear when a customer searches for the keyword. A quick search on Google will provide you with all the information you need to get started with keywords. 

This should be the last step in product content writing. Keyword-heavy content does not appeal to the user experience; quality of the content should be the priority. 



Composing original and persuasive content will be to the benefit of your business and your customer. In the CBD industry, informative and unique content will build trust with potential customers. Putting in the time to write strong product content will prove to be a beneficial part of a successful CBD website. 

Do you have any additional questions about writing product content in the CBD industry? Give us a call at (844) 387-4367. 

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