Is Hemp Oil the Same as CBD Oil?




Hemp and CBD Oil Origins

Hemp is a variety of cannabis that is specifically grown for fiber, oil, and seeds. However, extracting components from the different parts of the plant in turn have different benefits. All parts of the plant are used when extracting. Typically, the CBD oil variety is extracted from the stems and flowers while regular hemp oil is extracted from the seeds. Both types of oils are beneficial when added into your wellness routine, but if you are looking for greater results, CBD hemp oil will produce more dramatic benefits.

Are They Used the Same?

Since hemp oil and CBD oil have different profiles and results, they are applied, ingested, and consumed differently. In general, hemp oil (extracted from the seeds) has more limited use because it is not often used as a supplement.

Hemp seed oil can be used in cooking and topically to nourish dry skin, but it does have its limitations. It’s not recommended to cook with hemp oil at higher temperatures since some of the main nutrients will be destroyed by the high heat. The best ways to use hemp seed oil in cooking is in dressings, finishing sauces, or to add healthy fats to smoothies or other recipes. Other than cooking, hemp seed oil is a great skin moisturizer, sinking into the skin quickly and supplying additional lipids like those naturally found in the skin.

In comparison, CBD hemp oil has a more “supplemental” use. CBD oil has been studied for internal and external issues, but more research is needed and is considered a supplement, so we can’t make health claims. Browse online to read about studies. Unlike hemp seed oil, CBD oil comes in several different forms. CBD concentrates can be consumed orally, sublingually, used in vapors, and topically. This variety in use makes it appealing to those that may just want to take a quick supplement or to enjoy the relaxing ritual of vaping. You can purchase edibles that contain CBD, but it is not traditionally used to cook with.

Which One is Right for Me?

Deciding between hemp seed oil and CBD oil is dependent on your nutrition and wellness goals. If you are just looking to add some essential fatty acids, fiber, and protein to your diet, you may find hemp seed oil to be sufficient. However, if you need all those benefits and are also interested in naturally powerful Endocannabinoid System support, CBD oil may be a better option since it yields more wellness support for many people. It’s important to take it slow when adding a new supplement to your diet to see what serving and method is best for your lifestyle.

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