4 Exciting CBD Studies in 2021

Cannabidiol (CBD) products continue to gain attention in the medical community as an aid to today’s medical treatments. The growing CBD industry continues to expand as more studies point to its potential effectiveness.

With each study that is released, we gain a better understanding of CBD and further widen the range of its potential benefits, including its use as an aid in relaxation, easing sleeplessness and more!

Read on to find out about four of the most exciting CBD studies released or undertaken in 2021.

1. CBD Found to Help Reduce Self-Perceived Stress and Sleep Problems

One study conducted in Europe surveyed a sample set of 387 participants, both current and past CBD users. Using a 20-question survey conducted online, researchers focused on how CBD was used, why the participants used it, and how it impacted their self-perceived symptoms.Survey-based studies have become more prevalent due to COVID-19 restrictions, which limit the ability of scientists and medical professionals to examine participants in person. This particular study was conducted by the Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit, Department of Clinical, Education and Health Psychology, University College London, Chronic Pain Clinic, Farvegade (Denmark, Copenhagen), among other prestigious institutions.

Here is a list of the study’s breakout findings:

  • 40% claimed to experience better sleep with CBD
  • 23% felt more calm
  • 42.6% would recommend CBD to help ease self-anxiety symptoms
  • 37.5% would endorse CBD as a possible stress reliever
  • 42.5% of overall respondents used CBD for sleep issues including self-perceived insomnia

Most notably, when asked what other effects they experienced, 21.3% of the study’s participants felt a constant feeling of calm, with 19.5% reporting a reduction in overall pain.

2. CBD as a Treatment for Perceived Chronic Pain

Another study examined patients’ perception of CBD as a treatment for chronic pain. As with most of the exciting studies on CBD in 2021, this study was survey based. This study surveyed 253 participants from seven pain management clinics in California who were using CBD as an additional treatment option to manage pain.

Study participants reported the following:

  • 71% believed that CBD was a good treatment option to help manage pain
  • 59% claimed that CBD products had helped with their pain
  • 67.6% reported that CBD products had enabled them to cut back on using pain medications including opioids
  • 51.9% said they would be more comfortable if their physician prescribed CBD products

Of those participants, the majority felt that CBD products would be a good treatment option for pain and multiple conditions. However, they would prefer to obtain a CBD prescription from their personal physician.

3. Study of CBD for Chronic Inflammation

One study that is underway in 2021 is examining the effect of CBD dietary supplements on chronic inflammation and other health issues. Sponsored by the University of Northern Colorado, this study follows a rigorous double-blind scientific methodology in which participants will have a total of eight in-person medical examinations, along with surveys and activity monitoring, to collect data and measure results.

The study will look at CBD supplementation effects in participants and the outcome of mental and physical health associated with Natural Killer Cells (NK) or the immune system’s T and B cells. Expected to be completed in May 2022, this exciting study will be one to watch.

4. Trial to Look at Effectiveness of Cannabis in Treating Migraines

Another interesting study is being conducted by UC San Diego Health. This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial is considered the first of its kind. It will evaluate the potential effectiveness of cannabis in helping 90 participants that suffer from acute migraines.

As you can see from this list, there is a myriad of exciting CBD studies happening throughout 2021 and beyond. As more scientific evidence for the effectiveness of CBD in helping to treat a plethora of diseases and chronic conditions is collected, the industry will continue to grow. Want to explore the possibilities of CBD for your customers? Contact us or fill out a partner form to learn more!

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