Wholesale Catalog

This catalog includes all products available for wholesale and white label.
Looking for the Dropship Catalog? Please go here.

White Label

Typically, to start your own product line you must invest in research, manufacturing, packaging, and 10,000+ unit minimums. We’ve taken all these steps for you. With US Hemp Wholesale, it’s extremely easy to get your foot in the door and start marketing your own brand of perfected CBD products.

Here’s how it works.

  • Flip through our wholesale catalog and select which product(s) you want to private label. We have a list of White label SKUs to choose from, with low MOQ’s.
  • Design your label (following our instructions).  We can help design your label for a fee – approximately $150 for the first SKU and $75 for each additional SKU
  • We can print your labels in-house at no cost (color limitation applies), or you can pay to have your labels printed by a 3rd-party and shipped to us.
  • We must approve your labels before printing.
  • Place your order. The MOQ is 100 units total at 25 minimum per SKU.
  • Your order will be placed in our production queue. (lead times vary – avg. is 10-15 business days)

Educational Pieces

Need some physical materials to help advertise your products? View our catalog for all available flyers & brochures.

» Educational Pieces Catalog (PDF)