How to Start Dropshipping CBD Products

If you’ve been interested in bringing CBD products to people who need the relief that they can provide, but you don’t have a retail operation or warehouse ready to hold products, then the solution you need might be dropshipping! At US Hemp Wholesale we make it easy to dropship CBD to your customers.

To help you on your way to dropshipping success, we’ve created a short guide on how to dropship CBD products with US Hemp Wholesale. In this article, you’ll learn how dropshipping works, get a sense of the requirements to dropship CBD with us and get answers to some of the most common questions surrounding dropshipping as we explore the following sections:

  • How Dropshipping Works
  • Minimum Requirements for Dropshipping with US Hemp Wholesale
  • CBD Dropshipping FAQs

How Dropshipping Works

In case you’re unfamiliar with how dropshipping works, here’s a quick breakdown of what it is and how you can start doing it. Dropshipping is an order fulfillment/shipping method that enables a company, individual or retailer to sell products that they do not keep on hand. In order to sell the product, a dropshipper works with a third party, arranging an agreement in which the third-party company provides the product directly to the customer while the person operating the retail site takes a cut of the sale price.

Let’s take a look at how this would play out in a real world scenario. John is a dropshipper who works with US Hemp Wholesale to sell CBD products to people in his community. He’s done a great job getting the word out and has a lot of eager customers who can’t wait to try these new items. Upon launching his site, the first order that John sees come through is for one of our CBD tinctures. Typically, John would have to locate the item within his storage and ship or hand deliver it to the customer. But because he has chosen to dropship CBD, John doesn’t have to do anything beyond sit back and relax. The order goes directly to US Hemp Wholesale, and we fulfill the order directly to the customer via a parcel service. Once the shipment is sent out, both John and the customer who ordered the product will receive a tracking number to keep tabs on the shipment.

Dropshipping is that easy! It’s an excellent solution for people who have all the knowledge and contacts needed to get a successful retail operation going, but who lack the capital to invest in real estate to store or sell goods. The only thing to keep in mind is that dropshipping typically has some requirements that the seller needs to meet in order to work with a wholesaler, which brings us to our next subject — requirements for dropshipping.

Minimum Requirements for Dropshipping with US Hemp Wholesale

Unlike many companies that offer dropshipping, US Hemp Wholesale does not have a minimum sales volume requirement. All you have to do is fill out our no-obligation form and speak to one of our market specialists to finalize all the details. The only other requirements are that your business must adhere to any local laws, and you must have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) in order to begin dropshipping.

CBD Dropshipping FAQs

Before you start dropshipping, we’d like to take the opportunity to answer a few of the most commonly asked questions we receive from prospective partners.

Why do I need an EIN?

You need an EIN in order to dropship because we do not charge sales tax to our dropshipping partners. An EIN is necessary in order for you to charge sales tax to your customers, which is legally required in a majority of states.

What support do I receive from US Hemp Wholesale?

At US Hemp Wholesale, it’s our hope that you find success with your dropshipping operation. In order to help foster that success, we provide you with a few useful resources. These resources include access to product photos, tools to help integrate our products into your site and product description templates. Please note that when you use our product description templates, you should make sure not to copy them verbatim. If you do, it may decrease your page’s rankings in search engines like Google and reduce the likelihood of people finding your website.

Do I need a special license to sell CBD products?

No. Most states do not require you to have a special license to sell CBD. In some instances, you may need a retail license if the state requires it. Make sure to check out our list of CBD laws by state to ensure that you are in compliance with your local regulations.

Can I sell CBD products anywhere?

While the majority of states are hemp-friendly, there are some states that do not allow for the sale of CBD. You cannot sell our products within these states, even though CBD sales are legal at the federal level. If you have any questions about the specific state laws surrounding CBD dropshipping, please consult our guide to state CBD laws.

Start Dropshipping CBD Products with Us Today!

If you’re looking to start dropshipping CBD products with US Hemp Wholesale, then it’s the perfect time to get started. Simply fill out our no-obligation form to be put in touch with a market specialist who can help you work out your partner agreement with us.

We look forward to hearing from you, building our relationship and sharing any educational materials that may benefit your business.