How CBD Skincare Products Improve Tattoo Aftercare

If you’re a fan of body art, like many of us at US Hemp Wholesale are, then you know how important it is to do proper tattoo aftercare. This oft-overlooked part of tattooing is vital for ensuring that your tattoo heals properly and retains its form and color. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many great products for aftercare as many people would like, but thanks to recent innovations, CBD skincare may be the answer.

To help you familiarize yourself with these exciting products, and build your understanding of why tattoo aftercare is so important, we’ve created a guide to how CBD skincare can improve tattoo aftercare. In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of CBD skincare and find out what it is that regular tattoo aftercare products lack. We’ll cover all of this information and more in the following sections:

How to Do Proper Tattoo Aftercare and Why It’s Important

Despite not being well-discussed or even well-regulated, tattoo aftercare is almost as important as picking the right tattoo artist. When done properly, aftercare goes relatively unnoticed, which is exactly what you want. But if you don’t do aftercare well, you could risk damaging the tattoo, or worse, dealing with skin issues caused by infections or poor healing.

Typically, tattoo aftercare starts with the tattoo artist themselves. At the end of any tattoo session, after taking a brief first look and ensuring that everything is in order, the artist should cover the tattoo with a thin layer of a petroleum jelly product and a bandage. This petroleum jelly product forms a barrier that protects the skin from things that could cause infections.

After this point, aftercare becomes the responsibility of the person who was just tattooed. Typically, you would remove the bandage after around 12–24 hours, very gently wash the tattoo with a gentle, preferably unscented antibacterial soap to prevent infection, and then rinse the affected area with water and pat dry.

Once the bandage has been removed and the tattoo has been washed, you should continue to repeat the process of washing the tattoo with soap and water about twice per day. After washing the tattoo, it should be covered in a thin layer of ointment. You’ll want to keep it out of the sunlight and away from hot water. It’s also recommended that you do not go swimming for at least two weeks after getting a tattoo.

Finally, as the tattoo heals you’ll likely begin to peel, similar to how you would after a sunburn. Make sure not to pick at any scabs or peeling areas, but let the healing process work naturally. As the peeling begins to subside, you can switch to adding a light layer of moisturizing product to the tattoo to ensure that the skin is hydrated.

If done correctly, the tattoo should look nearly identical to how it did immediately after the session. In general, the tattoo will be somewhat less vibrant, but this is natural and has to do with the ink being absorbed into the skin.

What Typical Tattoo Aftercare Products Lack

While typical tattoo aftercare is effective if done properly, it can be improved by adding in new products, like tattoo balms with CBD. This is because the commonly used petroleum jellies and ointments used for aftercare have very few healing properties within them. These products primarily work to provide some moisture to the tattoo, which is necessary because of how dry the skin gets when tattooed, and to build a barrier between the tattoo and anything that might come into contact with it.

In the end, it’s not that the average products used for tattoo aftercare are ineffective as much as that they could be doing more. That’s where CBD skincare comes into play.

How CBD Covers the Gaps in Tattoo Aftercare

Some studies on CBD have shown that it has several benefits when applied directly to the skin. These benefits, when combined with the common benefits of regular tattoo aftercare products, make for an incredibly effective product for aftercare.

Take for instance the healing qualities of CBD. Many studies have shown positive results regarding the reparative properties of CBD. Primarily, it seems to encourage cell growth and turnover in the area where it is topically applied. When it comes to tattoo aftercare, this means that it could start the healing process sooner than you typically would with just a petroleum jelly.

Additionally, CBD has shown promise for both pain reduction and as an anti-inflammatory when topically applied. This is great news for anyone who wants to properly care for their tattoo. After getting a tattoo, most people experience two common reactions: the tattoo hurts and the tattooed area is swollen. These effects go hand-in-hand, and both can be reduced by topically applied CBD. As inflammation goes down, it also reduces the likelihood of long-term issues with the tattoo such as permanent sensitivity and scarring.

By adding CBD into these already established tattoo aftercare techniques, you end up with a more effective aftercare routine. It can help heal your skin more quickly while reducing the natural discomfort that comes with a freshly inked tattoo.

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