CBD for Dentists: What Products are Best for Your Patients

When dentists choose CBD products to offer their patients, they need to make sure they offer only the best products. They also need to ensure that any products they sell don’t directly contradict the main focus of their profession, oral health. That consideration eliminates products like vaporizers and sugary edibles, which can have a negative impact on your teeth and gums.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best CBD products for dental patients, what those products do, and why CBD can help dental patient as we explore the following sections:

The Effects of CBD and How it Can Help Dental Patients

Before we dig into the many potential benefits of CBD, it’s important to note that research on CBD and other cannabinoids remains in progress. While some promising results exist, more research is required, and the FDA has not approved any statements about the efficacy or potency of CBD. So as a medical professional, you need to be careful to avoid stating that CBD treats or cures any condition.

Keeping that in mind, research suggests that CBD contains powerful benefits and effects. Some of the most important effects for dental patients include pain management and increased relaxation. Here’s why each of these effects may prove useful for dentists.

Pain Management

Tooth pain can plague even the toughest people. It is difficult to treat and often gets in the way of basic life functions like eating and drinking. Studies have shown that CBD may be effective at reducing difficult to manage pain.

The root of CBD’s efficacy in this regard stems from its interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system. By interacting with receptors that impact our perception of pain, CBD may help lower the intensity of certain types of pain. Some studies have also indicated that CBD plays a role in affecting inflammatory responses. This could be especially helpful for gum issues that cause inflammation-based soreness.

Increased Relaxation

Many people have touted the relaxation-enhancing effects of CBD as its greatest benefit. Studies have shown some evidence that CBD influences both sleep and stress by interacting with serotonin receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

While this may not seem immediately applicable to dentistry, any dentist can attest that a relaxed patient is a happy patient. Many people have reservations about sitting down in a dentist’s chair, and that often causes anxiety. In the worst cases, it can result in patients avoiding necessary dental care for an excessive length of time, worsening their dental health. By offering a fast-acting CBD product in a retail area near the waiting room, dentists may be able to encourage these trepidatious patients to take better care of their oral health.

The Three Best Products for Dentists to Sell

As a dentist, you shouldn’t sell just any CBD product. For instance, it wouldn’t make sense for a dentist to sell CBD skincare products or CBD for pets. On the other hand, some effective products don’t make sense for a dentist to sell. Things like vaporizer cartridges and sugary edibles could negatively impact the oral health of your patients and send a mixed message about the goals of your practice.

Avoid these issues by only selling products that have the effect you want. Here are three products, along with a short description, that would be right at home in a dentist’s office.

1. CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates deliver a concentrated amount of CBD to the user. Many people love concentrates for their natural taste, and many of them contain other elements of the hemp plant such as vitamins and minor cannabinoids that may impart additional benefits.

Concentrates are taken sublingually (beneath the tongue) and kick in slightly faster than a CBD edible. Some have reported that the effects are more potent than those found in edibles, which is likely due to their more concentrated nature.

2. CBD Tinctures

Tinctures come in glass bottles with a dropper and are either mixed into a drink, food item, or taken directly. Unlike concentrates, which taste grassy and herbal, tinctures have flavors applied to them. Some common flavors include berry and mint.

Tinctures are roughly as potent as a concentrate, but are more approachable because of their lighter flavor. Like all ingestible CBD products, they may affect both relaxation and pain perception. Some even add in minor cannabinoids to achieve a specialized effect.

3. CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are common food items that contain CBD. They can be anything from a gummy to a breath strip, and have varying potencies. As a dentist, make sure that any edibles you choose to sell are low in sugar content and won’t affect the oral health of your patients.

Introduce CBD to Your Dental Practice

Now that you know about the best CBD products for your patients, all you have to do is add them to your retail area. These useful products show great promise for helping patients relax in the chair and manage pain from a recent tooth operation or prior to an appointment. You can find all the CBD products you need right here at US Hemp Wholesale!

All of our products adhere to the regulations of the federal government and are legal to sell in a majority of states. Improve your business and the lives of your patients, fill out our vendor form to see how you can start selling CBD products as a part of your dental practice!

Still have questions about CBD? Check out one of the helpful guides below or contact us to speak to a representative.