White Label Instructions & Templates

Ready to start your own brand of hemp oil products? First, make sure you’ve looked at our Wholesale Catalog for all white-label-ready products.

Once you’ve chosen the product(s) you’d like to label with us, you can download the templates below.

All labels are printed on a glossy polypropylene material unless otherwise stated.

Artwork Preparation Instructions, Prohibited Content & More »


Green, Blue & Gold Label / 1g, 3g, 10g
When you open the label template files below, they will have separate layers for each option. Simply toggle the layer for the desired version (green/blue/gold) and size (1g/3g/10g), and feel free to delete the other layers.


Hemp Oil Drops / 1oz / 300mg CBD

Hemp Oil Drops / 1oz / 500mg CBD

Hemp Oil Drops / 1oz / 1000mg CBD

Hemp Oil Drops / 1oz / 1500mg CBD

THC-Free Hemp Oil Spray / 2oz / 1,200mg CBD

Relax or Focus / 1oz / 500mg CBD

Relax or Focus / 1oz / 1000mg CBD

Relax or Focus / 1oz / 2000mg CBD

Hemp Extract / 1oz / 500mg CBD

Hemp Extract / 1oz / 1000mg CBD

Hemp Extract / 1oz / 2000mg CBD

CBG Blend / 1oz / 1000mg CBD


Hemp Salve / 1.6oz / 150mg CBD

Hemp Salve / 1.6oz / 500mg CBD

Muscle Rub (Push-Up Container) / 1.8oz / 500mg CBD

Face Serum / 1oz / 100mg CBD

Face Cleanser / 2oz

Face Toner / 2oz

Face & Body Moisturizer / 4oz / 250mg CBD

Massage Oil / 3.4oz / 500mg CBD


Vape Oil / 1ml / 250mg CBD (**These inserts are not included in our pricing — you must order these from a 3rd-party to be shipped to us. Once your design is ready and approved by you & us, it can proceed to print. At that time, we will connect you with our recommended printing company or provide you the specs if you want to use your own company. Pricing may vary. Typical price per design: 100/$80, 250/$85, 500/$90, 1k/$140, 5k/$263, 10k/$515.)

Vape Oil / 15ml / 500mg CBD (**These do not come with the paper tubes our 15ml vape oil is packaged in.)

Softgels & Capsules

Hemp Softgels / 30-Pack / 15mg CBD each

Hemp Softgels / 30-Pack / 25mg CBD each

Hemp Capsules / 40-Pack / 25mg CBD each


Gummies / 40-Pack / 25mg CBD each

Gummies / 20-Pack / 25mg CBD each


Cocoas / 4-Pack / 10mg CBD each

Pet Products

Paw Balm / 500mg

Hemp Oil Drops for Dogs / 1oz / 200mg CBD

Hemp Oil Drops for Dogs / 1oz / 500mg CBD

Hemp Oil Drops for Cats / 1oz / 200mg CBD

Hemp Oil Drops for Cats / 1oz / 500mg CBD