4 Tips for a Great Hemp Website

So your website is live — now what do you do?

Getting people to buy your products requires more than just publishing a website. Generally, potential customers are not going to know your company name. You draw people to your website by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. You can hire an SEO company to do some of this work for you, or do it yourself.

Search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing) rank each page of your website using complex algorithms. SEO is important for one major reason: when people search for something online, they typically do not go past the first page of results.


Your goal should be to get on the first search result page when people search your keywords.

Let’s talk about how this is accomplished.


#1: Use Keywords

Keywords are powerful words/terms people type in a web search.

We don’t all use the same words when searching for something. For instance, let’s say two people are looking to buy vape oil. One person might type “hemp vape,” while the other searches “hemp e-liquid.” If you DON’T use common keywords on your site…when someone Googles them, you’re not going to appear in their search results.

There are services you can use to research keywords (i.e. Google Analytics Keyword Analyzer), which will tell you how many people search for “hemp vape” and “hemp e-liquid” each month. Based on that result, you will choose which keyword(s) to target.

How to Target Keywords

Essentially, everything you write on your site should be targeting specific keywords. This should be done on a page-to-page basis.

If you’re writing an “About Us” page, you want to include words that pertain to the industry that people search for (i.e. buy hemp oil online or hemp store). If you’re writing a description on a product page, try to naturally throw in terms people might search for if they were looking to buy that product. You may need to take a step back, grab a notepad, and brainstorm keywords. Do this for all products; target different keywords on each page.

(Tip: Don’t just guess on keywords or take our suggestions, research to find the best ones!)

For each web page, you can take it a step further than just using your selected keyword(s) in the text. You can edit the page’s URL to be that keyword. For instance, if you’re targeting “hemp extract,” on a product page, you can include it in the URL. This is a great practice to follow on your product pages. See image below for reference.


Be Strategic in Your Writing

Don’t be too repetitive when writing content…search engines are smart and will know if you are spamming keywords. Be strategic. Use keywords in a way that flows well in the paragraph or sentence you’re writing.

Do NOT Copy Anyone

This is a vital rule to abide by. Do not copy someone else’s content. This includes product descriptions and any verbiage about your company. If you copy content word-for-word, search engines will know and it can hurt your ranking.

Looking at other people’s product descriptions is a great tool for writing your own, just don’t copy!

Use unique content only.


#2: Start Blogging

Don’t let your website just sit there — be active!

You’ll rank higher if you post new content every once in a while. This is part of search engines’ complex algorithm, used to determine how informative your website is. Posting 500+ word blogs at least a couple times per month is a great way to make search engines happy, and it gives you the opportunity to target a new keyword in each blog.

If you maintain an active blog, and do your research to determine what keywords will help bring traffic to your website, you’ll thank yourself for it in the long run.

Not a good writer? There are many websites you can use to pay someone to write a blog for you – you just provide the topic.

(Tip: Aim to write long, very informative blogs that people want to keep reading. Search engines know how long people stay on a web page; if they stay on yours longer, it will help the page’s SEO ranking.)


#3: YouTube Videos

YouTube can be a HUGE resource for bringing traffic to your website…if you do it right. We have seen websites spike in orders solely due to their clever videos, which target keywords and keep viewers interested in the great content.

Grab a nice quality camera or webcam and start talking to your customers! People go to Youtube to watch reviews on just about everything, so do some “review” videos. You can also post videos about how to use products – or about hemp oil in general.

(Tip: When uploading a video, spend some time on the video’s Description. Add a link to your website or a specific product page on your site, and talk a little about your review while naturally targeting your selected keywords.)


#4: Backlinks

Another way to increase your website’s ranking is through third-party links. This means a website (not yours) with great content puts a link to your website, typically in a blog post.

When someone links to you, search engines look at that as your website has great information. However, the website linking to you must be in good SEO standing. If they are ranked badly, it probably won’t do much for your SEO ranking.

It’s unlikely a reputable website will randomly decide to link to your website, so you have to be pro-active to accomplish this powerful strategy. You can hire an SEO company to do this for you, or you can write “guest blogs.” Guest blogging means you write the blog, making sure to add links to your website within the blog, and then have another website post it on their website.

Reach out to websites with active blogs/good content to see if you can post a guest blog on their website. It’s a win-win situation for you and them; you’re gaining backlinks to your website, they’re building up their website by adding content (at no cost to them).




These tips are strictly our suggestions, based on what we’ve seen work for others. We hope this helps your website gain traffic and convert guests into customers.

Let us know if you have any questions about our wholesale, dropship, white label, orcustom manufacturing services.

Best of luck!

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