Hemp Industry to Remain Strong in 2017



Happy New Year from all of us here at US Hemp Wholesale! 2016 was a very exciting year in our industry —and we’re looking forward to an even stronger 2017.

We will be rolling out new tools to our partners in 2017. These tools will help you better educate your customers about the benefits of using our products by streamlining product and marketing materials. In addition, you will be able to place your orders with us more quickly and easily. It’s going to be a great year indeed.


Along with great successes, there have also been a number of changes implemented by the federal government that impact all of us in this industry. One of the main changes that was implemented in 2016 was the addition of CBD being added as a Schedule I Drug by the DEA, which is to take effect later this month.


The obvious questions then become, “What is the US Hemp Wholesale response?” & “How will this impact the way we do business?”

The very short answer to these questions is, “We don’t anticipate any impact at all.” We are committed to providing you with the quality products that you have been receiving through 2017 and beyond.


We will make any and all necessary changes to be compliant with the federal government’s requests in regards to FDA Regulations but we simply do not recognize the DEA’s overreach in listing CBD as a Schedule I Drug. Our willingness to move forward is supported by multiple legal opinions and lawsuits that have been filed in the 9th District Circuit Court. Click here to review the legal opinion written by our legal advisor, Hoban Law Group, in response to this most recent change. Please take the time to read this opinion to educate yourself and to give you a level of comfort that moving forward is not only a good thing but it’s the “RIGHT” thing to do.


We look forward to strengthening our relationships this year and moving this industry forward into the future.

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