A Beginner’s Guide to Hemp Oil Vape Pens & Kits

Hemp Oil Vape

A Beginner’s Guide to Hemp Oil Vape Pens & Kits

If you have done a little research on CBD hemp oil, then you know it’s full of phytocannabinoids that positively interact with our body’s own endocannabinoid system. With the valuable cannabinoids in CBD hemp oil, it’s no wonder that so many people are interested in adding it to their routine – especially in terms of hemp oil vape. However, traditional forms of nutritional supplements aren’t for everyone. They can be hard to remember to take and aren’t very easy to bring with you on the go. So, if you’re interested in adding vape oil into your routine, the guide below will help you get started.

What Do I Need?

There are three main components to the process of hemp oil vape: a vaporizer, vape oil, and a way to charge the vaporizer. US Hemp Wholesale offers of variety of sets that contain everything you need to get started. Once you have what you need, there is also the option to just buy the oil.

Refillable Tank

For those that are experienced with vaping, refillable tanks such as the Aspire Vaporizer are a great high-quality model for those looking for a premium vaping experience. A kit like this has the capability to adjust airflow and replaceable parts. This option is perfect for those that want a durable vaporizer to last them a long time.

Disposable Vaporizer

Disposable vaporizers are perfect for beginners.  Charlotte’s Web disposable pen is a pre-filled vaporizer with a tank and battery, ready to use once you open the box. One Charlotte’s Web pre-filled pen lasts about 350 puffs and can be thrown away after the tank runs out.

Vape Pens

Vape pens fall right between a refillable tank and a disposable vaporizer. A vape pen is another great option for beginners looking for something super simple to use but refillable. The vape pen is rechargeable and just as easy to use as Charlotte’s Web disposable pen.

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