Why You Should Add Vape Oils to Your Inventory

Vape Oils

Vape Oils

Vape Oils

If you are a hemp reseller and you are working building out your product offering, adding vape oils to your selection can help your business capture a whole new segment of the market. Vaping has continued to become a more popular practice over the years, and for some has replaced the use of traditional cigarettes. Since there is no projected decline for the use of vaping products and devices, this makes it a profitable addition to your inventory.

Who are Vape Oil Users?

By carrying vape oils you have the potential to grasp more male consumers and those who already vape but are looking for something a bit healthier. Nutrition and nutritional supplements are not very popular amongst younger men in their 20’s and 30’s. For them, it’s not as much of a priority. However, if it’s in the form of vaping, this is a relaxing activity that is more likely to make it into their wellness routine.

What are the Components Needed?

Many vape oils can be used in vaporizers that consumers may already own, however, it is critical to offer a few convenient vape pens. Our CBD vape oils are nicotine-free and contain virtually no THC. A variety of flavors are available to ensure that there is something for everyone. To provide everything needed for vaping, you will need to carry both oils and pens.

It is imperative to carry vaping oil in addition to other forms of CBD oil in your product line. You do not want to use the vaping liquid as a sublingual supplement and vice versa because of its formulation. Each method is formulated to work best with its specific method of use for the most nutritional impact. It is always important to take hemp oil products as the package recommends, preserving the potency of the nutrients.

How Do I Get Started?

If you want to provide the biggest selection of high-quality CBD hemp oil vaping products, partnering with US Hemp Wholesale is the first step. We can offer your business wholesale options and private label opportunities, as well as warehousing services. When you become a partner, you can feel good about the quality of the products offered, knowing that your customers are receiving the best CBD hemp products on the market.

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