How to Add CBD Vape Oils to Your Inventory

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Adding CBD Vape Oils to Your Inventory

If you are a hemp reseller working on building out your product offering, adding CBD vape oils to your selection can help your business capture a new segment of the market. Vaping has become a popular practice over the years and, for some, has replaced the use of traditional cigarettes. Many are discovering the benefits of vaping CBD, as the effects are immediate and the act in itself is relaxing. There is no projected decline in vaping and vape products are a profitable addition to your inventory.

What Components Are Needed?

Vaping is a niche market and involves many products. At first, this can seem overwhelming. How do you know which vape products to add to your store? Our suggestion is to begin with the basics. CBD vape oils and pre-filled CBD vape pens are a good place to start.

Many vape oils can be used in vaporizers consumers already own. Our CBD vape oil (500mg CBD), for example, can be added to any pen that burns at 3.9V or less. However, you will encounter beginner vape users that do not have a vape pen. For this reason, it is beneficial to offer the convenience of pre-filled vape pens. Pre-filled pens include everything needed to begin vaping. Our pre-filled CBD cartridge (250mg CBD) comes with a kit that includes a battery, charger, and case. You may also consider carrying additional vape products, such as vape pens and kits.

How Do I Get Started?

If you want to provide high-quality CBD hemp oil vaping products, partnering with US Hemp Wholesale is the first step. Our CBD vape oils are nicotine-free, contain virtually no THC, and are available in three flavors created naturally with terpenes.

When you become a US Hemp Wholesale partner, you can trust that your customers are receiving the best CBD hemp products on the market. We offer wholesale options, private label opportunities, and dropshipping services.

To get started, simply complete our partner form. One of our sales representatives will call you within 48 hours to answer questions and guide you on how to best start.

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